The Bike Lift&Carry; Makes Cycle Transport an Easy Feat

 - Aug 7, 2014
References: bikeliftandcarry & mocoloco
Industrial design studio Mukomelov collaborated with product development and production management firm ArtKB for Bike Lift&Carry, their innovative bike carrier design.

The concept is crafted with the avid cyclist in mind and makes transporting one's bike an easy feat. Fitted to one's shoulder, the Bike Lift&Carry allows for easy lifting and carrying.

"Designed for city commuters, the compact seat post mounted device stores a retractable belt, that, when pulled out, attaches securely to the handlebar. When done carrying, buttons positioned on the sides of the gadget activate the automatic folding of the belt." This bike carrier accessory marries stylish aesthetics with a practical design. it is available in a variety of motifs including a bold red, a sleek black and a bronze and turquoise color scheme.