The BicChucks by PrintTo3D Turns Pens into a Deadly Weapon

 - Jul 9, 2011
References: thingiverse & bookofjoe
If you have always wanted to be some kind of Japanese warrior, you can start training right at your desk with these BicChucks by PrintTo3D. Hone your deadly fighting skills as you take important notes or simply pass the time at work. Just be careful that you don't cause any real harm to yourself or your coworkers.

Essentially, the BicChucks by PrintTo3D converts two of your typical Bic pens into mini nunchucks (or Nunchaku, as the Japanese call them). The pen cap becomes the Jukon-bu (the top part of the nunchuck) and the kusari (chain), while the pen itself becomes the Kikon-bu (handle). Since these are custom caps, only a limited number of them were made. Fun and silly, the BicChucks by PrintTo3D will surely amuse anyone, kid or adult.