The Better Back Harness Improves Your Posture While Seated

 - Apr 7, 2016
References: getbetterback & gizmag
The Better Back is an exceptionally innovative contraption that is designed to make it easier than ever for you to improve your posture while seated, something that will enable you to take huge steps towards reducing pain in your lower back and improving your all-round health and mood.

This device takes the form of a strap-based harness that features a padded back support, with a pair of attached nylon straps looping around your knees. The straps are each equipped with knee pads that can be slid into the best and most convenient position for your kneecaps and shins.

Considering that people who work desk jobs can spend over a third of their day in a seated position, the Better Back makes for a great way to boost posture and health.