This New App Teaches Better Spelling and Grammar Practices

 - Aug 13, 2015
References: michaelweisburd & fastcoexist
The 'iCorrect' app uses teens' own unintelligible texts to teach them better spelling and grammar. As a result of texting's popularity, children and teens have come to rely on autocorrect to catch their grammar and spelling mistakes. While autocorrect is a useful tool, it can be an unreliable crutch.

'iCorrect' helps encourage better spelling and grammar practices by sending a subtle warning to the author. If the program finds any mistakes, it will display a dotted red line under the offending error. Users are then encouraged to go back and correct their mistakes. If they need a hint, there is a helper overlay that will give them tips to solve the problem by themselves. The app can be deployed by parents through the iOS parental controls, giving adults a tool to help encourage their children to use proper spelling and grammar. Beyond texting teens, the app can also be used as a helpful tool for those learning English as a second language.