The Infographic Covers the Best Sleeping Positions for the Sleep-Deprived

 - Jan 26, 2015
References: thebackstore & designtaxi
If you suffer from sleep deprivation -- and 48% of Americans do -- this infographic on the best sleeping positions will hopefully come in handy. From The Back Store, 'Dreaming the Right Way: Common Sleep Positions' looks at the pros and cons of different positions in which people sleep. Sleeping on your back is clearly the best unless you have a problem with snoring or have sleep apnea.

Instead of turning to medicinal or therapeutic options, the chart on the best sleeping positions promotes changing the way you sleep instead. It covers the common ones, including on your back, side and stomach. The chart also discusses sleeping in the fetal position and sitting up. Each position also has an added tidbit for you to consider, like pillow support.