Bertrand Besnard 'Noms d'oiseaux' Features a Range of Bird Calls

Bertrand Besnard 'Noms d'oiseaux' attracts your favorite aerial creature. 'Noms d'oiseaux' or 'Names of Birds' are prettily packaged decoys for the birdwatching enthusiast. Besnard, a French designer who specializes in product design, created this personal project for the true nature lover.

The boxes are made using beech, box tree and metal. With each box decorated according to the bird it is meant to attract: pigeon, magpie, blackbird or woodcock. (Though why anybody would want to call a pigeon is beyond me.) A complimentary explanation follows on the back of the box why it is specific to each bird. The birds are all associated with a French expression that relates to their names. For example, "chatterbox like a magpie." Some of the expressions do not translate well, however that, does not take away from the packaging which is as charming in any language.