Benoit Paille AXA Project Converts Everyday People into Muses

 - Jun 19, 2011
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There is beauty in everyday life, just as the Benoit Paille AXA photographic series demonstrates. This work is the latest from the Montreal artist, who is nothing short of brilliant.

Paille can easily capture beauty within each of this captures even if the subjects are not photographed against noteworthy backdrops. The Benoit Paille AXA photographic series features a variety of real people that Paille hand-picked off the streets to be his muses.

The use of real people as muses seems to be rarity within our culture, which commonly uses actors to depict real people within numerous marketing and advertising campaigns. This Benoit Paille AXA photography is a refreshing take on reality and the special undiscovered marvels that lie within the faces and stories of real people.