Ben Slow Paints Impressive Large-Scale Pieces of Eloquent Females

 - Mar 31, 2011
References: slowben & mymodernmet
Ben Slow's inspiration for his giant portrait pieces comes from urban environments, the media and the everyday strangers he crosses paths with in his city.

Ben Slow's art pieces often consists of large murals of females done in grayscale. What's noticeable in his work is the dripping effect used, which complements the portraits fantastically. Slow believes in making his artwork elegant and minimal. His preference for doing giant pieces is due to his belief that it'll provide more room for "expressive techniques to run free."

Ben Slow's work is raw, beautiful and is a must-see for all art fans. In addition to these portraits, he's also done other pieces that are just as impressive, showing just how versatile his techniques are in a variety of different works.