The Bellyak Paddle Board Combats White Water Rapids Head-On

 - May 9, 2012
References: bellyak & gizmag
The Bellyak paddle board is exactly what the name suggests -- a kayak that one will use to barrel down white water on their stomachs.

Created by the extreme sportgear-crafting spousal duo Adam and Anna Masters, the tummy craft is as fun for skilled water navigators as it is for beginnings just learning the sport.

Since the board is flat and lays directly on the water, controlling the direction of the vessel is easier than working with a bulky kayak which is prone to tipping over. It also affords the newbie the ability to bail out easily and safely should the conditions get too intense, which is far more difficult to do when contained in a large watercraft.

The more seasoned water sport enthusiast will find the craft to be a new challenge that allows them to increase their speed and tackle the waves in a whole new, uninhibited way.