The Lunicycle Bike Features a Lower Centre of Gravity for Easy Learning

 - Jan 26, 2016
References: inventist & blessthisstuff
Learning to ride a one-wheeled bicycle can be a tricky test of stability, but thankfully the Lunicycle is a beginner unicycle design that is ideal for first timers to start out on. The bike is designed for first time learners with a lower centre of gravity to make pedalling on one wheel much easier to master.

The Lunicycle bike is an specially designed unicycle that is made to help teach first timers how to get the hang of balancing. The bike has a design that is built lower to the ground as well as a low centre of gravity that is safer and easier to pedal on. In addition, the vehicle features custom engineered leg supports so that the body can lean into the bike for added support while learning to keep balance.