This Photography Series Before the Echo is Bright & Bold

 - Jan 12, 2014
References: lensculture & gizmodo
Photographer and visual artist Lisa DiLillo has created a visually stunning new photo series entitled Before the Echo. Utilizing light, smoke, fireworks, sparks and other materials, DiLillo sought to highlight the volatility of nature, the fear of unexpected environmental changes and the unseen processes of nature via lightscape photography.

The resulting pictures are unearthly and beautiful, with wisps of smoke, light and color engulfing crumbling tree trunks, lakes, night skies, icy winter landscapes and more. Before the Echo is a moving ode to the beauty and danger inherent in nature, from stalks of wheat to mushrooms on a log and hollow trees. Even the most mundane of natural objects becomes a singular object of interest through DiLillo’s lens.