The Duffy's Brew 'Beer Shampoo' is Vegan and Brew-Infused

 - Jun 15, 2012
References: duffysbrew & hiconsumption
The Duffy's Brew 'Beer Shampoo' product offers an unusual merger between beer lovers and dedicated vegans. The title makes no attempt to tip toe around the fact that this hair cleanser is made of beer, and is moreover environmentally friendly as it uses zero animal products.

According to the Duffy Brew brand, ales are actually quite good for one's tresses as they withhold amino acids, proteins, vitamin B and minerals. The yeast contained in the liquids also adds to the appeal of concoction here insofar as it eases rashes, reduces dandruff and can even mitigate psoriasis. The company's new found use for malt liquor may begin to inspire similar bathroom goods, if not for their familiar flavors, than for their impressive grooming qualities.