The Beer Froster Gets Your Drink Perfect Every Time

 - Jul 25, 2011
References: beerfroster & wired
If you’ve ever thrown a few beers in the freezer and forgotten about them, only to be faced with beer slush after an hour, the Beer Froster is perfect for you. It ensures that your beer will get to about 24 degrees Fahrenheit (the best temperature for a nice cold beer) and then stay there. 

There will be no exploding bottles or cans here. You can keep your brews in the Beer Froster for days, weeks, or months and they will remain at a cool 24 degrees. The fridge is made by Summit Appliances, an industrial fridge and freezer company that boasts that your beer will taste perfect every time.

According to the Beer Froster website, "[the] beer froster is a specially-designed refrigerator (well, technically a freezer) that holds beer at 24 degrees… the absolute coldest temperature a beer can get without freezing! Not to be confused with any other appliance, the beer froster gets beer cold and holds it there at that exact, perfect magic temperature."