This Beer and Wine Infographics Helps You Transition

 - Nov 11, 2014
References: vinepair & businessinsider
Alphabet City Beer Co. partnered up with wine education website VinePair to create a helpful beer and wine infographic. No, it has nothing to do with pairing the two beverages. Rather, it's a how-to guide on transitioning from one world to another.

This infographic will appeal to beer drinkers who want to dip their toes in the wine pool,but feel a little overwhelmbed. Or, vice versa, it also works for wine enthusiasts who want to see what the world of beer has to offer, and are a little unsure of where to begin.

The infographic offers helpful suggestions: if you love pale ale, for instance, you would be better off trying a chardonnay. Meanwhile, those who call pinot noir their drink of choice will love a Lambic beer for its similarly funky, fruity taste.