The Be.e Scooter by Waarmakers is Made Almost Entirely Out of Plants

 - Jul 16, 2013
References: & yankodesign
Constructed almost entirely out of bio-composites, the Be.e Scooter could easily be the most sustainable and eco-friendly scooter in the world. Since existing scooters are already very conscious of the environment, that is saying a lot. In a nutshell, the Be.e Scooter is a frameless plant-based electric scooter with a monocoque body made out of flax and bio-resin, which makes it as lightweight as it is strong.

Designed by Waarmakers, a Dutch studio founded by Maarten Heijltjes and Simon Akkaya, the Be.e Scooter also boasts a unique eggshell shape that "reduces the total amount of parts drastically without sacrificing structural integrity," as reported by Yanko Design. It was created in joint effort with InHolland, NPSP composites and Van.Eko.

The designers behind the Be.e Scooter reveal the project challenged them on many levels.