The iLuv 'SmartShaker' Bed Alarm Wakes Users with Vibration

 - Apr 30, 2016
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Those who are tired of using traditional sound-based alarm clocks will find the iLuv 'SmartShaker' bed alarm to be the best alternative out there. The iLuv 'SmartShaker' features a vibrational feedback that's three times stronger than an iPhone, so it can wake up users regardless of how deep they sleep.

Up to ten alarms can be programmed into the iLuv 'SmartShaker' using the accompanying app and is ideal for use with couples. This is because the bed alarm will only vibrate and alert the person it is nearest to and not disturb the other sleeper.

The iLuv 'SmartShaker' can operate for up to a month on a single charge and comes available in a variety of different color options.