Little Green Dot is Offering an Instructive Course in Becoming a Morning Person

 - Jan 16, 2015
References: littlegreendot & psfk
If you identify as a night owl, but have always wished mornings were an easier time for you, this course in becoming a morning person is worth looking into. Offered by Little Green Dot, the free four week course on how to become a morning person gives you the opportunity to learn from sleep, nutrition and exercise experts such as Militza Maury, Tandy Gutierrez and Dr. Kenny Pang.

Becoming a morning person will enable you to take control of your day. An inspiring and motivating start to the new year, the online course also allows people all over the world to connect. Subjects include nighttime routines for "restorative rest," clarity and focus-enhancing morning routines, healthy recipes and strengthening exercise plans.

Course registration is due by Monday, January 19th.