Buy Your Way To Nobility in Sealand

 - Nov 21, 2007   Updated: Apr 11 2011
References: redsave
Be the first in your crowd to be royalty. The Principality of Sealand (real) is offering the opportunity to become a Lord or Lady. There are loads of official looking documents to verify your standing in the "silver spoon" society. Better yet, it's Buy One Get One Free for a limited time.

“This Indivdual Noble Title Award is approved and granted by our Sovereign, the Head of State and the Royal Family of Sealand, and is based upon the constitutional laws of our government, established in 1967. This award is given in recognition of your financial support towards the welfare and developement of Sealand and the desire to become part of our independent Sovereign State”

“This award is part of a new worldwide initiative from the government of Sealand to create awareness for our determination to continue our fight for freedom and independence. As our motto states: From the Sea, Freedom!”

Implications - Though this may be a novelty offer, the Principality of Sealand's offer feeds a more profound consumer need than humor; it feeds the human urge for prestige.