This Informative Chart Offers Tips on How to Become a Morning Person

 - Sep 24, 2014
References: entrepreneur & designtaxi
This infographic offers suggestions on how to become a morning person. From and Gryffn Media, 'Wake Up Your Inner Morning Person! Condition Your Brain For Better Sleep' discusses several things to make night owls more tolerant of morning time. In fact, the chart gets into the three different chronotypes, which indicate our sleeping and waking patterns including night owls, morning people and everybody else.

The advice on how to become a morning person includes exercising earlier, avoiding artificial light, not napping, reducing chemical intake (alcohol, caffeine, nicotine), using the bedroom only for sleeping, eating protein during the day and dairy at night. The infographic also recommends three different alarm apps such as the Smart Alarm, Math Alarm and Rise Alarm Clock.