Panasonic's At-Home Booster Mask EH-XM10 Keeps Skin Dewy & Healthy

 - Nov 4, 2014
References: japantrendshop & japantrends
The Panasonic Beauty Premium Booster Mask EH-XM10 blends technology and cosmetics, as well as steaming tools with the traditional beauty mask. This high-tech face mask promises to moisturize and maintain the health of skin.

The water plate of the mask is designed to be soaked in water and then warmed on a stand before it's ready to be placed on your face for about 10 minutes. Alternatively, the plate can also be warmed up and placed over a regular face pack sheet. With the dry winter season coming up, use of this Booster Mask is suggested every day for best results. Although the design of the mask definitely looks a little like Darth Vader, it's not the strangest looking cosmetic contraption that's available from the Japan Beauty Shop.