Tied Up With Coco De Mer

 - Nov 6, 2008
References: coco-de-mer
A million miles away from the norm, these amazing bondage pieces take your breath away, literally and figuratively. Beautifully crafted and visually pleasing, all of these come from what is, in my opinion, the best shop in the world: Coco De Mer.

Regardless of whether you use these as originally intended or not, they double as pretty stunning works of art and would look amazing in any bedroom.

1) I don’t understand the dog mask, but I love it all the same.

2) Geisha girls painted their lips in the center to emphasize delicacy and femininity. This is traditionally used within bondage to add a little theater to the bedroom. It comes in both closed and open positions.

3) Ilya Fleet’s thick silver leather wrist cuffs come complete with buckles and are multi-purpose. They can be attached together to prevent movement, or worn without restraints for a fashion statement.

4) Reins - whoa there, boys. These leather reins are beautifully crafted and can be worn with (or without) anything you wish.

5) Long leg cuff would look great in or out of the bedroom.

6) There is no escaping from this amazingly crafted corset belt which comes with its own padlock and key.

7) Silk bondage tie knickers. You realize in your heart of hearts you would never be able look as beautiful as this and would end up trying to undo knots with your teeth.

8) Sex Kitten Mask

9) One meter long, fine, turquoise snakeskin leather whip with an ornate Swarovski encrusted handle embellished with a blue zircon stone. Made by conceptual designer Shiri Zinn.

10) The Betony Vernon Pleasure Puff Ring is aseductive puff of ostrich feathers is a sublime tickler. Spray the feathers lightly with your favourite perfume at a distance of 30-40 to enhance the sensory experience.