Permafrost Studio's Bear Rug Features Tessellating Shapes & Hugging Bears

 - Jul 23, 2014
References: contemporist &
On top of being adorable, this bear rug designed by Permafrost Studio is pretty unique. The aptly named 'Bear Hug' rugs are shaped in such a way so that multiples of the rug can be arranged together, making it possible to cover a much larger surface area with the tessellated shapes.

Taking inspiration from real bears, there are three colorways for the rug, including a white, a light brown and a darker brown. However, there's nothing at all ferocious about this hugging series of floor coverings. As well as well as being able to tailor how small or large a surface area is covered, the rugs can also be arranged to form quite unusual shapes beyond just the conventional circle, square or rectangular rug designs.