These Bear Claw Leaf Scoops Make Raking the Front Yard Fun

 - Sep 4, 2011
References: amazon & blessthisstuff
Getting the kids to rake the leaves may be a chore itself since they'd probably rather be watching TV, which is why the Bear Claw Leaf Scoops may prove to be a good incentive for them to get moving.

Raking isn't exactly a glamorous job, which is probably why little Timmy would rather watch cartoons than go out in the yard and help. While the chore's tedious nature remains, the Bear Claw Leaf Scoops will at least make things a lot more fun. It's essentially a grappler that can be fitted on both hands. Aside from how fun it actually looks to use, these scoops are a far more efficient way for collecting leaves because a ton can be collected in one go. Definitely not a bad way to get the kids helping out in the yard.