The Beamcaster by RiT Wireless is Fast and Flexible

 - May 14, 2013
References: ritwireless & psfk
Internet connectivity is constantly on people's minds even if they don't realize it; the Beamcaster by RiT Wireless bridges the gaps in cabling and wi-fi to better satisfy this need. While most people would prefer to use wireless technology at all times, especially since many are used to the ease and convenience of their smartphones, it is something that is not necessarily reliable. This is more true the further a person is from the router.

Beamcaster by RiT Wireless couple the consistent strength of cabling with the accessibility of wireless. It essentially casts beams of light, hence its name, to different computer units around a room. Fast and flexible, its use of optical distribution can reach as far as 18 feet away. It will be available in a few months.