These Bazooka Gum Ads Highlight Generational Changes

It's always been fun to get that small comic strip out of chewing gum packages, and these Bazooka Gum ads highlight what little has changed about this tradition in the past generation -- or perhaps how much things have changed.

To demonstrate, the studio at the School of Visual Arts, New York, juxtapose two freebee cartoons in each print, including one that might have been found in a 1952 wrapper and another from 2011. Both are formatted identically, feature two comparable characters and deal with the very same situation. The differences are subtle, but each illustrated boy wears a slightly modernized outfit and the socially informed friend delivers Information Age advice. According to the Bazooka Gum ads, texting a girl replaces flowers and video games replace playing outside, but this sweet snack hasn't changed at all.