Yukio Takano's Battery Lamps are Shaped Like Mushrooms Living on Logs

 - Jan 20, 2016
References: geocities.jp & fubiz.net
Talented Japanese creative Yukio Takano has put together a series of battery lamps that recreate woodland sceneries using synthetic materials. The light design features a series of LED mushrooms with illuminating caps that create a soft glow sitting overtop a wooden log base. The contrast between a natural setting and man-made material offers a striking parallel in the lamp's overall aesthetic.

The lighting system is made from a wooden base carved to resemble an aging log one might stumble across in the woods. On top of the log are several synthetic rusty brown colored pillars varying in height that form the mushrooms' stems. The lights are sourced from the LED mushroom caps that glow a soft white and create a soft ambience due to the curved LED lights.