This Battersea Barge has Been Transformed into a Luxury Abode

 - Jul 24, 2013
References: dailymail & luxurylaunches
A regular old Battersea barge, moored off of South London, has been transformed into a terrifically luxurious penthouse apartment, featuring every element required for a glamorous lifestyle. This barge includes everything from a home cinema system to a fully functional cocktail bar, making it every bit as comfortable as a 1,000 ft. apartment in the swankiest London apartment building.

Included with the rental of this crazy barge-turned-apartment is a 24-hour butler service, making it extremely easy to have your every need satisfied in an instant. The butler will bring any necessity to any of the 2,300 square-feet of the apartment, including the outdoor terrace on which the penthouse's residents can sunbathe and laugh at the lesser folk walking on the sidewalk above them.

With this penthouse apartment, London has demonstrated a way to conserve space while maintaining comfortability; apartment buildings might be a thing of the past.