This Comedian Shows Viewers How US Bathroom Laws Don't Make Sense

 - Aug 8, 2016
References: youtube & mashable
Justin Williams, a professional comedian and magician, released a video through his YouTube channel that speaks to a controversial topic in the US media: bathroom laws.

As some feel that people should be separated when it comes to public washrooms, others understand the damaging implications that this can cause for the transgender community. Not only is it degrading for people who identify as transgender, but forcing them to use washrooms that they don't associate with can also lead to harassment and violence from others.

In order to depict how ridiculous the implementation of bathroom laws would be, Justin Williams uses peanut butter and jelly hidden under labeled jars to show how not everyone identifies with their gender presented by their physical appearance. In addition to this, he targets the absurdity of the assumptions those in support of bathroom laws have -- with the comedian describing peanut butter pretending to be jelly to take advantage of it as an example.