The Bartosz Kosowski Collection of Satirical Minimalist Prints

Bartosz Kosowski is a Polish-based artist with an excellent eye for minimalism lines and a masterful skill in colors and hue manipulation. His collection of illustrations boast both intensively rendered detail and simplistic composition. The combination creates an image reminiscent of classic comic illustrations and retro advertising.

Kosowski's work is heavily narrative-based, sharply commenting on societal structures or criticizing lifestyle. For example, one print features a smoking, pop-collared loser who is being showered with vitamins, carrots and dumbbells. Also frightfully memorable is Kosowski's depiction of a young, backpack-toting school girl shadowed by a looming silhouette.

Bartosz Kosowski earned his BFA in graphic arts from Strzeminski Academy of Fine Arts. He now works with Blackbird Illustration as the leading artist and illustrator.