The Barrel Char in a Jar Infuses Spirits with the Taste of Charred Wood

 - Jun 14, 2017
References: etsy & thegadgetflow
Not everyone who crafts their own spirits does so in traditional barrels, so the Barrel Char in a Jar is intended to provide DIY liquor makers with the ability to upgrade their brew with a woody taste. Each kit comes packed with a variety of charred and toasted wood samples that are intended to be placed in the container with your spirit in order to infuse them with a distinctly woodsy flavor profile. This includes such woods as French oak, American white oak, cherry, yellow birch and sugar maple.

The Barrel Char in a Jar Kit is available for purchase from Easy retailer GnarlyApple and provides brewers with ample wood to infused several vessels of their favorite hooch with the flavor of wood.