Life In A Shipping Container

 - Sep 7, 2007
References: barkbark
Here's another fantastically clever Canadian invention! The BARK All Terrain Cabins (ATC) are made out of old ISO shipping containers and can comfortably fit up to four people. The ATCs would be a simple addition to that gorgeous property you just bought for that beautiful lakeside property or second home up in the mountains. BARK says they're "raising the profile of Canadian design," and I couldn't agree more.

Based out of Vancouver, this BC company combines the creative minds of designers and the businesses committed to "raising the profile of Canadian design and ingenuity internationally," the site says. "We thought people all over the world should have a chance to see what Canadians get up to when they turn their heads to design, technology, and other imaginative pursuits."

"It travels by train, truck, ship, airplane or helicopter, folded up and indistinguishable from any ordinary shipping container. Once it arrives, it unfolds rapidly to 480sf of self-contained, sophisticated living space with all the comforts of home."