Margaux Lange Takes Dolls Apart for Some Perculiar Barbie Doll Jewelry

 - Dec 3, 2013
Designer Margaux Lange has taken the notorious Barbie apart to construct interesting Barbie doll jewelry.

Inspired by the doll obsession some of us are guilty of having as children, Margaux Lange wanted to craft a way she could carry Barbie with her into adulthood without seeming like an overgrown four-year-old. Lange has designed these intricate pieces using only the finest of Barbie parts: legs, chest, eyes and especially the face. Using hand-fabricated sterling silver and pigmented resins, this series of Barbie doll jewelry is quite fashionable as well as undoubtedly artistic.

Featuring Barbie, all her friends and even heartthrob Ken, this collection has a range of Barbie's to wear so you can always have your favorite dolly by your side.