The Kreuzberg 'Barbed Wire Eastpak Back Pack' is Hardcore

The 'Barbed Wire Eastpak Back Pack' presents a new carry-on motif. Fully caged in sharp metallic chords, the design will surely scare off one's enemies, and will at the same time egg on some lengthy fashion kudos. This product is entirely see-through, effectively excluding the potential for private ware storage.

The unusual style of the Barbed Wire Eastpak Back Pack is only a part of the creation's overall appeal. The exorbitantly high €3,000 price tag will actually be used to support the Designers Against AIDS charity, an undertaking that merges art with philanthropic work. With proceeds donated to the cause of HIV/AIDS awareness, owners of the bag will be able to showcase a revolutionary style while making a meaningful contribution to a vexing health issue.