The Unconventional Barbed Wire Chandelier by Helena Magnusson

This beautiful barbed wire chandelier by Helena Magnusson is the ultimate in unconventional home decor (although I can also see a funky restaurant, store or cafe enjoying the look of this unique piece). The rusted metal finish on this fixture gives it a vintage appeal and warm brown color. I'm certain you could paint it another color, or add a patina or crackle paint technique which would add to the age of your project. The small crystal pendants perfectly contrast against the tarnished and sharp-edged metal. Their inclusion brings an element of sophistication, effervescence and whimsy.

The use of unexpected material in the barbed wire chandelier is sure to lend itself well to the conversational interest of this piece. And if you were to try and replicate this project at home, the variations on it would be endless.