The Barack Obama BBQ 2011 Sketch is a Jovial Political Statement

 - Jul 12, 2011
References: collegehumor & lionsdenu
"He’s got a lot on his plate!" is the caption accompanying College Humor’s latest presidential parody entitled the ‘Barack Obama BBQ 2011 Sketch.’ The hilariously well-played metaphor has the current president at a Fourth of July Barbecue taking charge of the grill in a way that is reminiscent of his presidential strategies and decisions for the past three years. What’s more is the sketch presents an elusive Canadian neighbor, from whom Obama needs to borrow materials to finish the job. The political parodies of this nature have the potential to be offensive and off-beat, but the Barack Obama BBQ 2011 sketch draws the perfect line between comedy and respect that makes it a must-watch.

Implications - The presidential journey of Barack Obama has been one heavily covered by media sources in both objective and biased ways. But more so than his political influence, is the president's significant impact on pop culture. The light-hearted nature he presented throughout his campaign has made him appealing to audiences and voters on a personal level, and the perfect target for roasts and parodies of this nature.