April Bloomfield's Banoffee Ice Cream is Made with Dulce De Leche

 - Aug 23, 2016
References: static1.squarespace & dnainfo
Michelin starred chef April Bloomfield recently teamed up with Morgenstern's Finest Ice Cream to create a banoffee ice cream treat. Banoffee pie is a regular fixture on the menu at Bloomfield's restaurant and now fans of the sweet treat can enjoy a frozen version of the popular dessert.

Bloomfield's new banoffee ice cream combination is part of Morgenstern's 'Heavy Hitters Festival,' which features exclusive flavors designed by top chefs. Bloomfield's treat pays homage to her British heritage and her restaurant's famed banoffee pie. To mimic the sweet dessert, Morgenstern's combined banana ice cream with shortbread pieces, dulce de leche sauce, a hefty serving of whipped cream and a sprinkling of chocolate shavings. The end result is a frozen version of the classic English dessert.