The Bandpile Rubberband Type by Erik Berger is Playfully Colorful

 - Apr 11, 2011
Forget about making one big rubber band ball with all those elastics you have lying around and consider creating something similar to the Bandpile Rubberband Type series instead. This cute and playful font design is definitely one of my favorite colorful creations to date.

Created by Illinois-based graphic designer Erik Berger, who is a sophomore General Art student at Judson University, the Bandpile Rubberband Type series was put together for his typography class. Berger was asked create a typeface using found materials.

The Bandpile Rubberband Type series boasts 1 pound of colorful rubber bands piled into each letter of the alphabet. The simple, creative and clever series was photographed using a Canon Powershot S3IS.

I just wish there were more closeups of each letter in the Bandpile Rubberband Type series.