The Bana Asymmetrical Bud Vase Prettily Presents Stemless Arrangements

 - Nov 20, 2013
References: yliving
There can be a great deal of formality tied up in putting a full bouquet into a water-filled amphora. The Bana Asymmetrical Bud Vase cuts down on the number of flowers and the effort required to arrange them, but it flaunts a sufficient amount of drama and beauty that will certainly be noticed in your home.

Two sculptural steel rings are each made of a pair of tubes, with a smaller one set into the larger. They're inconsistent in thickness and narrowness of their bands, affording an intriguing optical treat. The small stem holders are perfect for displaying single blossoms or pairs of blooming plants. The Bana Asymmetrical Bud Vase better showcases the unique elegance of a single set of petals.