Tushy Makes Bamboo Toilet Paper as an Alternative to Bleached Tissue

 - Apr 27, 2017
References: hellotushy & treehugger
Tushy, a company that makes a bidet attachment for toilets, recently expanded its offerings by rolling out a new product—unbleached bamboo toilet paper.

Many chemicals are used in the bleaching of conventional toilet paper products so that they look pristine and white, but with its new product, Tushy takes a different approach; its two-ply toilet paper is made with completely unbleached and made of strong, yet soft bamboo fibers. To further draw awareness to the fact that more care should be taken with the consumption of this essential consumer good, Tushy packages its bamboo toilet paper without plastic.

As the producer of a bidet attachment, Tushy notes that this sustainable toilet paper alternative is best used alongside a bidet, since the production of toilet paper accounts for 15% of deforestation annually.