Bamboo Lota is a Sustainable Company Fighting Deforestation in Malawi

 - Mar 14, 2012
A true social business is one that develops a business in order to help further a social and/or environmental cause. That's exactly what Bamboo Lota was created to do.

"Bamboo Lota hopes to bring environmental, health, and economic improvements to poverty-stricken Malawians through the establishment of a diverse bamboo company," the website explains.

As we become more aware of the devastation of deforestation, manufacturers are recognizing the advantages of using more sustainable alternatives such as bamboo.

Bamboo Lota, or bamboo "dream" if we translate the Chichewa word, hopes to create sustainable economic opportunities through bamboo and bamboo products, like charcoal, in The Republic of Malawi in southeast Africa.

"Bamboo Lota aims to replace traditional depletion of forest biomass for charcoal production with a fast-growing bamboo alternative while bolstering local rural economy," the website explains.

"Charcoal is often seen today as a backwards and obsolete fuel source. However, for the majority of the population in Malawi, charcoal usage is a way of life."

On top of creating employment opportunities, Bamboo Lota is developing programs to train rural villagers on bamboo growth and harvesting techniques, as well as educate them on environmentally ethical practices.

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