Daan Roosegarde’s 'Boo' Display Lights Up Amsterdam

Out of all the bamboo displays in the world, this one is by far the most likely to light up your life.

The 'Boo' display by Daan Roosegarde is essentially a high-tech bamboo display that lights up Hotelschool, which is the Hague's courtyard in Amsterdam. The bamboo displays are 6-meters high and not only give off a pleasant green glow, but are equipped with motion sensors to react to viewers walking through the display. The green glow is achieved by equipping the bamboo stalks with LED lights. If there is no one in the square the 'Boo' ghost takes over, which causes the lights to react to each other instead of an actual person wandering the square. If there are multiple people in the square, the lights will react accordingly to interact with the multiple visitors. All the bamboo display is missing is some incandescent panda bears.