The New Ballet Memphis Building Makes Subtle Reference to Dancing

 - Jan 24, 2018
References: archdaily
When one thinks about the quality of grace, a ballet dancer is often the image that comes to mind, but the Ballet Memphis building shows that the quality can equally be applied to something as monolithic as an edifice. Taking inspiration from the beautiful art that it houses, the new Ballet Memphis building makes subtle reference to the movements of ballet in its gentle use of curves and angles.

There are two key ways in which the Ballet Memphis building pays homage to the tropes and traits of ballet. For one, the large central column has edges that dip slight between the corners, reminding viewers of the gentle yet precise movements of a dancer in the middle of a routine. The other reference is material: the perforated copper that surrounds the building creates a gauzy haze that looks similar to a tutu surrounding a dancer's waist.