Ball by Radomir Shterev is an All-Round Pretty and Practical Apparatus

 - Feb 20, 2013
References: yankodesign
The function of Ball by Radomir Shterev might not be immediately clear to the observer, but this is in part what makes the contraption such an appealing addition to your culinary environment.

The mass-measuring device comes apart into two halves in order to serve as an effective bowl and weigh scale combo that can help to hold your ingredients. The hemispheres must be stacked in the same orientation, creating a silhouette much different from that of its decorative state.

When you're not using Ball by Radomir Shterev, simply replace the semi-spherical dish upside-down and back on top of the matching base. As a vividly colored globe, the appliance serves to brighten up a utilitarian workspace.