Balance by Tobias Hutzler Stars Artist Maedir Eugster

 - Apr 18, 2013
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Balance by Tobias Hutzler, a photographer and director based in New York City, is a breathtaking video that captures an extraordinary feat of equilibrium. It stars Rigolo Swiss Nouveau Cirque artist Maedir Eugster, who undertakes to balance a bundle of wood like the common plate performance put on by traveling buskers. Intriguingly, everything rests on the weight of a single white feather.

People want in anticipation as Eugster adds layer after layer in Balance by Tobias Hutzler. The final flourish is when he transfers the entire weight of the skeletal leaf-like sculpture onto a single rod of wood. But it is when the feather is finally blown off and the structure collapses that people will step away in astonishment.