'Bake in Space' Aims to Give Astronauts Fresh Bread

 - Jun 13, 2017
References: bakein.space & digitaltrends
Accepting the prestigious role of astronaut means making sacrifices to one's quality of life -- outer space affords few of the luxuries available down on terra firma -- but the 'Bake in Space' project is looking to give extraterrestrial scientists at least one added creature comfort. The German project is devising a system that will let astronaut at the International Space Station eat fresh bread that was baked in orbit.

Since humans have explored space, astronauts have had no choice but to rely on a diet of dehydrated morsels. Bread in particular has always been verboten, as it is too difficult to contain breadcrumbs in zero gravity, and stray crumbs can wreak havoc on sensitive computer equipment. Bake in Space solves this problem with a newly invented crumb-free German roll that can be baked in space thanks to a special microgravity oven.