The Baguette Bag Protects the Fluffy Loaf While Keeping Your Hands Free

 - Nov 27, 2012
If you've ever carried home a crisp, freshly baked baguette from the bakery along with your other groceries only to discover that the fluffy goodness has been squished, then in might be smart to invest in CYAN's baguette bag.

Made especially for those who enjoy a carb-filled feast, the baguette bag transports the heavenly loaf back home, keeping it safe in the tubular sack. Designed like a messenger bag, the baguette bag straps easily around the arm or shoulder, making it easier to bike or walk and carry other groceries in your hands without damaging the fragile flakiness. And if you're empty-handed, you can always keep your hands nice and toasty in your pockets while walking instead of worrying about protecting the bun.