The Baggage Tray System Promises 100% Accuracy with Fast Deliveries

 - Sep 26, 2012
References: youtube
If you've ever waited forever at baggage claim at the airport, the Daifuku Baggage Tray System will surely soften your thundering heart and speed things along.

The Baggage Tray System runs similar to a conveyor belt but puts individual pieces of luggage on their own trays and shoots them on route at 600 meters per minute. With only one bag on one tray, there should be no worries for squashed souvenirs or memorabilia. Each tray has its own radio frequency identification tag, which is scanned by the system to determine which path the suitcase will travel, minimizing lost or delayed bags. This speedy system is an excellent and error-free way to transfer a passenger's luggage efficiently, especially at large airports and for connecting flights.