Bacon-Infused Hotdogs Will Please Bacon Lovers Around the World

 - May 17, 2013
References: geekologie
The Oscar Mayer food company has created a bacon-infused hot dog as part of its new product line. Bacon lovers will surely rejoice at this creation of epic proportions.

The hotdog has real bacon injected inside of it, according to the company. The craze of bacon isn't slowing down -- just like the craze of zombies. With so many bacon-infused products out there, it was only matter of time till someone created a hot dog with bacon infused into it. The creation of this bacon-infused product probably took a while, mostly likely because the market for bacon hot dogs wasn't that big. People would usually just wrap a bacon strip to a hot dog to fuse those two flavors of meat together. The days of bacon wrapping are numbered thanks to this bacon hotdog.