Gain a Greater Understanding of Consumer Fascination with Pork Products

 - Mar 14, 2012
References: trendreports
Although consumers are attempting to eat healthier foods and live more active lifestyles, that does not mean they've lost their love for bacon. Trend Hunter's Bacon Trend Report explores eccentric patterns caused by this popular pork product, such as pork-infused fashion accessories and beauty products.

Consumers are constantly changing their habits, whether it's lifestyle changes like dieting or reinventing themselves with a new, vintage-inspired wardrobe. In the past year, we tracked new and emerging patterns among the public, and they're captivated by all things relating to bacon. Our report, filled with hundreds of examples and 51 Pro Trends including Limitless Indulgence, Food Furniture and Eco-sine, will give users the opportunity to identify food trends that permeate various markets and capture consumer attention.