These Unique Beers Contain Ingredients like Goat Brains and Avocados

 - Jun 5, 2014
This list of unique beers is sure to give your taste buds a buzz of their own. Beer has a rich history that dates back to B.C. years, but these beers are making history for themselves because they are so distinctive.

Beer brewing usually consists of a uniform process, but the brewers behind these beers thought outside of the barrel and infused unlikely ingredients into their beers. For example, the Catawba Brewing Co is currently making a beer in the likes of everyone's favorite childhood sandwich: peanut butter and jam, while Dogfish created a beer that satisfies spice lovers, sushi eaters and beer drinkers alike because it infuses wasabi.

And if those flavor pairings aren't unique enough for you, you can test your stomach's strength while downing a roasted goat brain beer called ‘Dock Street Walker.'